The Widow’s Tale

The Widow’s Tale

The Widow’s Tale

Wharram Percy, Yorkshire, 1365: Eustachia de Percy is a damaged soul. She was a pawn in a marriage deal to secure the inheritance of the family estate, and when widowed by the Black Death, she takes a vow of chastity in order not to have to marry again.

Her maidservant, Blanche, deserts her yet the shadow of her sister Joan’s death binds them together. Eustachia’s mind begins to unravel when she has a vision of Joan’s face at Blanche’s wedding and she becomes desperate to recall blocked memories of her sister’s death, whilst being simultaneously haunted by her brutal role in her husband’s demise.

When her brother-in-law returns from war, she resumes an affair with him under the watchful eye of the village priest and past and present begin to entwine.

Can Eustachia escape the retribution of the Church? And can she discover and finally face the truth about her sister’s death before her descent into madness?

The Widow’s Tale is based on historical characters, events and an actual location.


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